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Like Hell Facebook Is Killing Google – search still matters, it doesn’t need engagement numbers because it should be sending people elsewhere and context still counts

As GoDaddy Deals With SOPA Fallout, Hollywood Wants To Punish GoDaddy For Enabling Infringement | Techdirt

Asiajin » Japanese Carriers Begs Not To Use Cellphone For 2 Hours Around New Year’s Eve Midnight

Social Networking Watch: Google+ Gains Traction, Researcher Says

Future Perfect » Seoul, Digital View – interesting public information screens

In Wake of Reported Email Hack, Netease Promises Facial Recognition Login | Tech in Asia – this looks way cool

App Developers Skirt Apple’s Limits With Work-Arounds – – working around testing pool size restrictions (paywall)

China’s 10 Most Wanted Smartphones – Great News for Android, Not So Much for iPhone | Tech in Asia – interesting that the Nokia N9 is doing so well

Amid Widespread Data Breaches in China, E-Commerce Companies Reassure Users | Tech in Asia

HappySNS Builds Social Games On Facebook, Tencent, Kaixin. Has 30 Million Monthly Active Users | Tech in Asia – the cross network aspect of their portfolio provides more safety than Zynga enjoys

Chinese Official, Wang Yang, Tests New Political Approach – – interesting article on Wang Yang

Organic Click-Thru Rates Tumbling; Only 52% Click On Page One, Study Suggests – interesting organic search research

The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet

15 Percent of US File-Sharers Hide Their IP-Address, More to Folllow | TorrentFreak

Chinese vendors form alliance to battle Apple, other patent predators

Goodbye, Nokia Lumia 800: £400 and one month on, it didn’t work out | – interesting comments that looks suspiciously like astro-turfing thought at least one of them had the decency to say that they worked for Nokia’s Conversations blog

Singapore Press vs Yahoo | ASEAN Beat – this could nuke some of Yahoo!’s wholly owned Asian operations outside Japan and Greater China

Mengniu Dairy’s Website Hacked After Aflatoxin Scandal – chinaSMACK

Nokia N9 outsells all other phones in Finland during October – – did Nokia’s move to Windows screw the pooch? Anecdotal evidence that it probably did. Also this code is now called Tinzen being pushed by Intel and Samsung

How long can Apple sustain Steve Jobs’ patent war?

The Hassle-Free Guide to Ripping Your Blu-Ray Collection

Communities Dominate Brands: Smartphones Form Book 2012 part 1: for Samsung it is ‘Leadwatch’

More on What’s Left Over After Paying for Housing – The Atlantic – interesting article on housing and economics. Its less about house prices and more about income net of housing expenses

A creative way to spread some cheer | – article on Hong Kong catering firm Maxim’s CSR programme (paywall)

China move could call time on GMT | – US championing a move to an international atomic clock based time because of the spread of satellite navigation and communication (paywall)

The One Reason the iPad Can’t Lose