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Buyers Guide: A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation (Altimeter Report) « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

So How’s That “Bet On Android” Thing Working Out For You? – I told you so

Thinking small |

Nokia Moving to China from Singapore – WSJ – interesting complex reasons for choosing China or other countries outlined

Armani: Expanding Customer Reach from Retail to E-Tail in China | The China Observer

Geeks Crown Firefox and Safari as the Best Browsers – surprised at how badly Google Chrome tested on HTML5 & WebGL

Beijing Calling: The Trouble With China’s New English-Language News Network | Fast Company

Free&Easy – Japanese style magainz which has influenced a lot of the streetwear brands

Nokia Buys Norway’s Smarterphone To Spruce Up Its Feature Phone OS | paidContent – what does this mean for Nokia’s Meltemi project?

Microsoft’s master stroke: Pay store staff per WinPhone sold • The Register

How Copyright Industries Con Congress | Cato @ Liberty

Is HTC’s Winning Streak Over?

Single-Atom Wires Could Help Moore’s Law Live On

Gartner Report – Customer Experience Management – registration in return for report

Interview with Murtazin – Will Microsoft Buy Nokia’s Smartphone Unit? – Forbes

An Obligatory and Pointless Debate About the Olympics | VICE – but Vice nails it

When China rules, Chinese will not set the rules | The Japan Times Online – adaptive strategy rather than dominating values and institutions like the Pax America

Top 1% of Mobile Users Use Half of World’s Wireless Bandwidth – – doesn’t break down across socioeconomic segments

Students of Virtual Schools Are Lagging in Proficiency – – interesting that technology isn’t the panacea that people thought it would be in education. Smartboards haven’t been successful given their cost either

Omron smartphone app comes close to instantaneous text translations | The Japan Times Online – like something straight out of a DARPA project

Domestic robots failed to ride to rescue after No. 1 plant blew | The Japan Times Online – law of unintended consequences and innovation

Woodford to sue Olympus, citing lack of investor support to get his job back ‹ Japan Today – not surprising he didn’t get support, first he trashes their shareholder value (probably exasperated by his theatre) then he asks for their help. They won’t care about the truth they’ll care about the 70 per cent drop in the market capitalisation

Counterfeit goods losing attraction | – (paywall) Brands stand for quality – like they did in the Victorian era

Hip-Hop: So now what? | EKOW ESHUN

Traffic for Google+ Goes Positive Along with User Count | Search Engine Journal

8 social media lessons from Coca-Cola | Articles

The Next Generation Of iOS Devices May Have Thunderbolt Connectivity

First world consumes social media, the developing world produces it – interesting consumption | creation pattern differences between different countries

UK marketers anticipate change: – Ball & Hoolahan expecting marketing departments to get nuked in amalgamation with other departments

Trendpool » Panasonic’s Female-Only Consumer Trial House

Baidu Beat – Latest box computing initiative: travel planning made easy – Baidu’s take on travel services | planning

Google Ventures, Mark Cuban And Others Invest $1M In Social CRM Startup Nimble | TechCrunch

US Threatened To Blacklist Spain For Not Implementing Site Blocking Law | TorrentFreak