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What Luxury Brands Should Learn From Dolce & Gabbana’s Hong Kong PR Disaster – Forbes

China denounces ‘Hong Konger’ trend – The Washington Post

[CES] Sony Develops Self-luminous ‘Crystal LED Display’ — Tech-On!

Apple Suspends iPhone 4S Sales in Mainland China Stores –

A VC: Pseudonyms Drive Community

Steve Ballmer Reboots – Businessweek – interesting in that it gives you an idea of what Microsoft wants to project in terms of image

Apple’s Foreign Cash Hoard – Seeking Alpha – also shows the diminishing importance of the US as a market

UK is the Largest Market for Health Sites in Europe

TelecomTV | Facebook “evading questions” about subscriber tracking

Communities Dominate Brands: Spin and Sin: Why 37 Million Lumia Number Spells Disaster for Nokia (but not for MIcrosoft)

Tencent’s Pony Ma Challenges Real-Name Advocates By Talking About Prostitutes | Tech in Asia – argument on real-world ID

Facebook suffers 7% decline in UK market share | The Drum

Microsoft hits pause on web TV service because shows cost too much – SplatF

HK again named freest economy | RTHK – ironic that the British created it, yet haven’t been able to achieve similar success

Monocolumn – Bigger isn’t always better [Monocle] – claimed linkage between skyscrapers and economic collapse

More Conflict Seen Between Rich and Poor, Survey Finds –

What’s happening in Japan right now?: Social Games in Japan – interesting that this is part of mobile gaming

Microsoft Said to Be Planning Job Reductions, Reorganization of Marketing – Bloomberg – this has been due for a long while