Apple versus consumer electronics user experience design

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I have bought a couple of series on iTunes out of convenience and been comparing the experience with having DVD box sets. I didn’t miss the hokey menu designs for DVDs that provided a wide variance in user experience. By comparison iTunes doesn’t usually have a lot of the ‘extra’ content that’s on DVDs for instance the original pilot episode that comes with series one of Sherlock or the making of documentary for Blade Runner – whether that matters or not depends on consumer.

I use a Denon hybrid Blu-Ray | DVD player for DVDs and noticed that the player had pretty unobtrusive indicators that I had paused play or was shuttling through the recording. Compare this to the screen shot that I took from iTunes which has a grey belly band controller that obscures programme subtitles no matter how large I make the episode picture.
Outside the US, subtitles are a big issue, yet you lose the thead of the discussion because it takes a couple of seconds to fade out of view when you press play. It is just one example that show how Apple still has a lot of design nuances to learn from the consumer electronics firms that it is looking to disrupt.