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Which countries have the most Twitter users per capita? | Trends in the Living Networks

Used MP3 Music Files Legal To Sell Says Federal Judge

New Registrations For Sina Weibo Appear To Have Fallen Off A Cliff | DigiCha – real-world ID requirements affects Weibo

Siri to get Chinese, Russian and Japanese Support Next Month |

Study shows climate sensitivity to CO2 less than extreme projections

Nokia on smartphone strategy: We don’t have a Plan B

New whitepaper – Trends in Digital Gaming: Free-to-Play, Social and Mobile Games – interesting research by Parks Associates

French luxury giant buys into mainland firm | – first investment like this from LVMH. Ochirly is a mid-priced brand aimed at trendy female office workers (pay wall)

Apple Requires Retina Screenshots From iOS Devs – this is good as reduces platform fragmentation

UK Report Blames The Internet For Terrorism, Says ISPs Should Take Down Content | Techdirt – Jesus wept

Private Equity: Fact, Fiction and What Lies in Between – Knowledge@Wharton

Apple trademark may hint at processing improvement for next-gen A6 processor

40+ Apps & Tools To Customize Your Facebook Pages

Themes from MIDEM – Mint Digital – interesting comments on Facebook

Toyota Lets You Become A Sportscar  – brings out the inner 5-year old

Max Schrems: The Austrian Thorn In Facebook’s Side – Forbes

Samsung aims to sell 25 mil ‘smart TVs’ this year ‹ Japan Today

Panasonic, Fujitsu, Renesas eye chip merger ‹ Japan Today

Japan’s current account surplus smallest in 15 years ‹ Japan Today

Pachinko addiction a growing problem for Japanese women ‹ Japan Today

Trust in Japan – Sixty Second View – amazing destruction of trust

Students voice privacy concerns with Facebook | ZDNet

Toyota Engineer Speaks on Advantages, Disadvantages of SiC Power Devices — Tech-On!

Made Better in Japan – – interesting how attention to detail is causing a surge in low end | high price Japanese products

Three Lessons for Social TV – Amy Jo Martin – Harvard Business Review

LongReply to swissmiss – finding duplicate files

Woody Harrelson turned into meme after spectacular social media fail | TechEye

News Corporation pushes tablet title: News from – but is closing down the London based tablet experiment using entertainment and sports content from The Sun

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Zuckerberg’s Complaint – Cringely on technology – interesting take on the likelihood of the Facebook IPO

Korea: January Social Media News Update | Asia Digital Map – interesting data on LINE and Kakao Talk mobile messaging applications – think a cross-platform version of iMessage

Black SMS Encrypts and Decrypts Your Text Messages – interesting application, wonder how robust the encryption actually is

Five Trends: How Brands Integrated Social, Mobile, and Web into 2012 Super Bowl Advertisements « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

Nokia reveals polarizing secrets of ClearBlack display — Engadget – would this work for televisions?

mariclaro – great recycled bags

Marketing, HSBC: The World’s Local Bank no more, GLOBAL, ADVERTISING, Campaigns, Branding, Brand reputation, Competitions, | – have a new conversation with our customers and the markets we operate in about the future, yet get rid of a customer focused positioning?

An Ex-Zynga Engineer Is Ripping The Company Apart In Plain Sight – or why Zynga is crap to work for. Not particularly surprised by this

Boeing finds problem in tail section of 787 Dreamliners ‹ Japan Today – problem is with shims between the carbon fibre skin and supporting framework

Beijing tells airlines not to pay EU carbon tax | – expect the EU to come off the worst with this Mexican stand-off