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Japan Inc. faces choppy seas

A List Apart: Articles: Responsive Web Design

Wooing the Promiscuous Chinese Consumer – Harvard Business Review

Windows Phone Facebook numbers hint at less than stellar progress |

In wake of online protests, Germany refuses to sign the ACTA anti-piracy treaty | VentureBeat

Toshiba Gives You 15 Minutes Of Love – technically brilliant but more sexist than a Lynx (Axe) deodorant advert

Light Reading – Metcalfe to Unveil ‘New Ethernet’

Report: CMOS in, CCD out of image focus

Savvy Chinese consumer comes of age – – want real rather than fake

UK Minister says website blocking proposals “imminent” – welcome to a digital merchantile environment rather than a global economy

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » What the Dickens? Accidental Empires Rebooted – really psyched the Bob Cringely is rebooting his seminal Silicon Valley history

Be aware and beware Facebook rules — you could lose valuable rights | ZDNet – this could radically affect below the line tactics on Facebook

Amazon planning first real-world shop: report ‹ Japan Today – potential interesting move by Amazon – kind of reverse showrooming