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Caterina Fake: Fast Growth for a Social App Is a Very Bad Thing – AllThingsD – it’s not just about numbers, its about community social norms and ethos which take time to develop within a group

3 in 10 display ads delivered are never seen, often because users fail to scroll down the webpage or scroll too fast

Data point: How shoppers are using their phones | JWT Intelligence

Wired for chance | Excapite – Nigel Scott on my recent post on online marketing

New Rules of the New Economy – Wired – from which Kevin Kelly’s book sprang from

In Back Alleys and Basements, Video Arcades Quietly Survive | – a bit like music genres when they get taken back underground

American Households Not as Reckless as You Think | Mother Jones – or why the debt is going to take decades to work out

Apple Readying ‘Products That Will Blow Your Mind’ – Forbes

Mozilla partners up with LG to combat Apple and Google with its own device | ExtremeTech

Weibo Increases the Frequency, Speed and Impact of Crises | China IWOM Blog

comScore Releases the “2012 Mobile Future in Focus” Report – comScore, Inc

U.S. moves to isolate Japanese, Russian crime groups ‹ Japan Today

“Unethical” HTML video copy protection proposal draws criticism from W3C reps

SynergyKM | Free software downloads at – use one keyboard across multiple machines without special hardware

China Social Users More Likely to Engage with Brands | China Internet Watch

Is Pinterest the Next Big Social Network in Europe?

Bracelets by another name | – how a change in language sells accessories to men

30 Inspiring WebGL (Chrome) Experiments

The New Classics – really nice simple Japanese products