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Update: Court Filings Suggest Google Fighting Feds Over Megaupload Emails | paidContent

The Little White Box That Can Hack Your Network | – low-powered Linux computers loaded with hacking tool kits

REVEALED: How Giant Patent Troll Intellectual Ventures Does Business

Microsoft v Google: How not to win friends and influence people | The Economist – someone needs to tell Frank X Shaw to let it alone, and one would have thought that Burson Marsteller would have known better with all the integrity guff they do when they wheel out Harold Burson

The truth about the iPad in Russia revealed | DaniWeb

Google+ Hangouts get digital masks to enhance your next video chat | The Verge – really nice social object embedded into Google+ hangouts

Expandable formal dining table that seats ten and fits in a closet – really nice solution to a problem that most of us face. Interesting that Google’s Sketchup is used as a CAD file format

Not a Film, Not a Game, But a Living Novel – transmedia storytelling

ResourceBlog Article: Fewer Than 21 Percent of Technology Companies Have Corporate Blogs – not terribly surprising

Nissan May Revive Datsun – – brings back memories of the headmistress at my primary school who used to drive a Datsun Cherry 100a two-door in bright yellow (ironically this had sportier styling than the Coupé which looked more like a van from some angles)

Enterprise social tools are garbage, says Red Hat CEO — Online Collaboration

Windows 8: Sugar coating on Microsoft’s hard-to-swallow tablet • The Register

Twitter could be liable for users’ unlawful posts, says expert – Out-Law opinion could chill UK free speech if true

Censorship is inseparable from surveillance | – or why the UK is digitally screwed

Why the Fed Ignored Warnings and Let Banks Pay Shareholders Billions | Mother Jones

A Barclays report suggests that the recent decline in the labor participation rate has more to do with demographics than discouraged workers |

Vortex radio waves could boost wireless capacity “infinitely” | ExtremeTech

Anonymous, Decentralized and Uncensored File-Sharing is Booming | TorrentFreak In the long run this might drive more casual downloaders to legitimate alternatives, if these are available. Those who keep on sharing could move to smaller communities, darknets, and anonymous connections.

S&P cuts Nokia rating to lowest step of investment grade – teetering just above junk status

HaptiMap project, FP7-ICT-224675 – really interesting project looking to integrate haptics and other stimuli into location-based services

Shanghai Tang Hints At New Hong Kong Flagship With Facebook “Teaser” Contest « Jing Daily – I love how Shanghai Tang have made lemonade from the lemons they were dealt when Abercrombie and Fitch bid way too much money to get their store in the Pedder Building

Seoul Food: Treating Your Idol to Lunch Is the True Test of Fandom – – fandom and Korean culture came up with a new cottage industry