Oprah Time: Brand Anarchy: Managing Corporate Reputation by Stephen Waddington and Steve Earl

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Before I get into Brand Anarchy I have a disclaimer: I have known Wadds and Earl for 14 or so years, they were my bosses on the LSI Logic account when I worked in my first agency role.
Wadds & Earl
The authors have distilled the wisdom of modern day PR practitioners into an accessible paperback. Attempts are made at populism with interviews from high profile pundits like Alistair Campbell.

This veneer of populism hides the real value of the book. Brand Anarchy isn’t a populist book like No Logo. Instead the value of it is for the likes of inexperienced account managers at an PR agency who need to have informed opinion once they start to think about providing strategic counsel to their clients.

The book bridges traditional corporate communications with the online world and discusses some recent crises that had a substantial online component. If you work in PR make Brand Anarchy part of your holiday reading.