Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Five things that made my week:

  • TalkTalk Business – I had been with one of the many businesses that TalkTalk had bought over the years; since 2002, but I decided to move on this week. TalkTalk’s staff were really nice and tried to be helpful, but I hadn’t been able to get more than 500Kbits/sec download speed for months. After replacing everything on my side of the connection and working with their customer services I just gave up trying to get it fixed. It is surprisingly hard to find an unlimited download ISP, which is especially important when most web pages are more than 1MB in size, system updates are now 100’s of MBs, each new edition of Wired magazine is about 1GB, as is a TV programme or a film on iTunes. With two laptops and an iPad in a typical household 40GB wouldn’t go very far. To their credit TalkTalk Business did their best to facilitate the transfer of my account to my new ISP
  • I enjoyed reading Richard Florida’s The Great Reset, more about that here
  • I have been trying GetGlue; it’s a nicer designed application than I thought it would be but I am still not convinced the need to check into whatever content you are enjoying on your sofa
  • Unlike most people I was pleasantly surprised by John Carter; as a child I loved the Marvel comic series and the film was a great interpretation of the story
  • Stratfor have finally managed to re-secure their website and are providing some interesting analysis around Syria and Mali – updates that are much better than I have seen in the news media so far