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GLOSSYBOX Men-Beauty Products for Men – birch box for metrosexuals

C.Y. eyes bigger role in market | – Hong Kong chief executive ready to do market interventions were necessary abandoning laissez-faire ethos (paywall)

Fix is in on supermarket shelves, study suggests | – Hong Kong retailers ParknShop and Wellcome accused of collusion (paywall)

Retailer self checkout-lanes increase incidence of theft – Industry Intelligence – including both intentional and unintentional forms—by five times in comparison to when cashiers are working according to Stoplift Checkout Vision Systems Inc.

Yahoo!ジオシティーズ – 容量50MBのホームページスペース。日記やゲストブック、アバターなどの機能。 – OMG Yahoo! Japan still has GeoCities – awesomeness!

Google needs to sell Motorola, but doesn’t know it | ExtremeTech

Teardown Shows Nokia’s Lumia 900 Costs $209 to Build – AllThingsD

Facebook Blew Off Wall Street Again On The Instagram Purchase – Business Insider

I, Cringely » Best Buy is Doomed

Gnip Adds Data From Sina Weibo’s 300M Users – AllThingsD – Interesting looking social media measurement tool international work

The future of sport on TV is broadcast, not broadbandDIFFERENT[LY] | DIFFERENT[LY]

Communities Dominate Brands: Nokia Profit Warning (again) – Here is what you need to know why it is actually far worse – Tomi on a tear

Twitter is Better at Hosting Advertisements than Facebook | Power Retail – on clickthroughs at least

Facebook, Instagram, and Bubblenomics – broadstuff

iOS Device Penetration in China in 2011 [MAP] | China Internet Watch

‘Extremely poor’ Symbian sales, mixed Lumia sales to leave Nokia with another rough quarter

VHS Coffee Table: Be Kind, Rewind (and Keep Your Feet off of It!) – Technabob – I so love this

Mercedes-Benz to offer over-the-air car updates | ExtremeTech

The history of supercomputers – Slideshow | ExtremeTech – a history of awesomeness

500px – looking like they want to go head-to-head with Flickr. The big problem is many people myself included have too many flickr pictures in the cloud

Instagram’s Buyout: No Bubble to See Here | Epicenter |

Communities Dominate Brands: Largest Mobile Social Networks Today by Size of User Base