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How to Identify Search Engine Penalties | Search Engine Journal

How To Prioritize Long Tail Keywords With Twitter

Chinese Official Says Proview Owns iPad Trademark, Not Apple – AllThingsD

Sina Weibo Downstream Traffic in March 2012 | China Internet Watch – interesting that TaoBao is the most shared link

Analyzing Facebook’s Newest Financials | Tableau Public

Creative Review – Poke’s Tweet-powered teeth – the tweet powered action reminds me a bit of the VW Fox campaign in San Paulo – Online copyright claims rejected

Top 10 reasons why you need a solid mobile strategy in place – iCrossing

Communities Dominate Brands: Paging Truth Police: One Last Time – the Reality of Nokia when CEO Elop Took Charge as CEO, and What Was Not Broken

Conversion Rate Optimisation and Behavioural Email by RedEye International Ltd

Exclusive Interview: Generation Innovation with @MTVInsights

Current status of the “Browser Wars”

Facebook’s Amended S-1: 901 Million Users, 500M Mobile, Paid $300M Cash + 23M Shares For Instagram | TechCrunch

Twitter Acronyms – Business Insider

Facebook Revenue Growth – Business Insider

Consumer Trust in Online, Social and Mobile Advertising Grows | Nielsen Wire

DATA: Where do Chinese Luxury Consumers Live? | The China Observer

Microsoft Xbox 360 found to infringe Motorola patents in preliminary ITC ruling | The Verge

Monocolumn – Today’s city dwellers want no hassle [Monocle] – interesting essay on latent anti-consumerism trends including a flight away from quality forced on gen-y by high house prices

Asiajin » Three Of Japan’s Top Telcos Standardize Display Of Email Emoticons

Pinning Versus Highlighting On Facebook Timeline – AllFacebook

The devaluation of everything: The perils of panflation | The Economist

Nokia faces German injunction after IPCom loss – Rethink Wireless – an unwelcome side-show to wider problems at Nokia

Social media made new voting culture in Korea | Asia Digital Map – check-ins at polling stations, encouragement messages for voting from peers and a spread of allegations about candidates

Nokia: Three Big Problems | Monday Note – interesting analysis. The question is will Nokia end up like HTC or like Sendo?

App Store – AT&T Translator – great application