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Toyota turns to innovative production methods to boost quality | The Detroit News

MediaPost Publications Hershey Launching Low-Fat Chocolate 04/26/2012

Communities Dominate Brands: Digital Jamboree Continues: Now Apple Q1 – iPhone sells 35M Units, drops to 22% Market Share (Corrected) – not terribly surprising

Communities Dominate Brands: Who Wants Numbers? Lumia on T-Mobile? Lumia 800 vs Lumia 710? How Many Nokia N9? | Sony Japan makes foreign catalog available on iTunes

Understanding social media in China – McKinsey Quarterly

Automator World – didn’t realise this existed, it is soooOOOooo cool

Share – Google+ Platform — Google Developers

The global rise in ‘always-on’ shoppers driving eCommerce

AdAge – Social media advertising is set to explode. Who will control it?

Why Tablets Will Become Our Primary Computing Device | Forrester Blogs