Out and about: Britannia Hotel

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I stayed a couple of nights at the Britannia Hotel in Manchester, my stay was a mixed bag.
Brittania Hotel
This is what my room looked like.


  • Location – the hotel is in a fantastic building that was originally built as a warehouse for a wholesale drapery business. At the time Manchester was at the centre of the global textile industry and the buildings were designed to reflect this stature. The hotel was put in the 1980s and the original cast iron staircase is the centrepiece of the hotel
  • Location – you can’t get much more central than its position on Portland Street, walking distance from many of the main attractions from Piccadilly station and the Canal Street gay quarter to Deansgate shopping area
  • Price – if you look online you can get competitive room prices from the Britannia Hotel.
  • I found the staff to be polite and professional
  • Free wi-fi: well nothing is free but it was night to see that you didn’t get gouged for internet access. However I wasn’t impressed by the performance


  • If you want something shipshape and shine, the Britannia isn’t the hotel for you. They are making their assets sweat to give competitively priced rooms, so you have to put up with old carpet and fittings and tired decorations
  • The TV seems to have a random selection of stations available. I have no idea why
  • The wi-fi is absolutely abysmal see my test results for yourself. I was staying for business purposes and couldn’t get anything meaningful done and on the second night I couldn’t get on the internet at all


Britannia Hotel
30 Portland Street
Manchester M1 3LA
+44 161 228 2288