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Louis Vuitton asks for SOPA-like seizure of hundreds of websites — GigaOm – smart lawyering or is the law being broken by enforcement agencies?

Is the 1,9,90 Rule Outdated? – Only Dead Fish – models aren’t accurate predictors but ways that we get our heads around concepts, we take them too seriously. Despite this premise some interesting data here consumer behaviour

What’s a Movie Cloud? That’s up to you – I, Cringely – interesting attack on the movie industry oligopoly

Fundamental Progress Solving Bufferbloat « jg’s Ramblings

Daring Fireball Linked List: Microsoft Antitrust Finding Specific to Windows on Intel? – is ARM a licence for Microsoft to be evil?

UK Email Usage Shifting from Computer to Mobile – interesting data from comScore

German Online Newspapers Attract High Income Audience

Panasonic loss balloons 10-fold ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion – betting on convergence (doing it badly) and forgetting about quality. They made the mistake of thinking that people buy their brand for being the company logo rather than a complex sum of ‘Made in Japan’ quality, product design that delighted and high performance. They also tried to go for blockbusters rather than niches

With New Look, Bing Gets More Organized, Social – Technology Review

TelecomTV | What’s happening to Telefónica? – interesting converged services developments likely to squeeze Microsoft and Nokia

Between – An intimate space for two – a social network for two

11 Tips for a Winning Gamification Strategy | Marketing Technology Blog

Health and Wellness: Games Can Motivate Players To Achieve Personal Goals | Latitude Research°

Why China? – interesting op ed on Chinese innovation

Goodbye, hardwired switches and circuits: we’ll miss you (maybe)“But there’s a downside to the indisputable efficiency of the soft key and touch screen approaches: it’s a much longer path, functionally, from initiation to final action. Perhaps we feel more removed from the consequences of our actions and how they are implemented; that’s a psychological aspect which is hard to assess.” Interesting that EET is talking the man machine interface so seriously on this

CHART OF THE DAY: eBay Vs Etsy – Business Insider

Foursquare looks to merge check-ins with coupons | Econsultancy

Google+ by Mindshare – WPP

Julu Mobile Aims to Transform the Mobile Ads Experience | Tech in Asia