Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Later than usual, things that have made my day this week:

  • Newsblur which is now my default RSS reader with the demise of Fastladder coming in 12 days
  • Uniqlo’s Wake-Up alarm application has made my mornings a start a little less harshly
  • NikeCraft – a collection of Nike products made in association with artist Tom Sachs from technical materials like car airbags and spacesuit fabric
  • Less delighted and more intrigued by Nokia’s continual PR ‘engagement’ of Finnish blogger Tomi Ahonen. I am not too sure what they are thinking although the Attack The Attacker policy that Scientology is alleged to adopt against its critics seemed to spring to mind when I looked at John ‘@johnatnokia’ Pope’s comment on this post; when you take it in the context of the wider week-long plus Twitter back-and-forth which started after the Nokia AGM
  •  My favourite bit of content this week was a presentation that addressed the tension between human behaviours and technological progress