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‘The Golden Age of Silicon Valley Is Over, and We’re Dancing on its Grave’ – Derek Thompson – Business – The Atlantic – chasing the easy money. In reality this is an evolution rather than a radical change. Manufacturing left the valley decades ago, no one owns a silicon fab anymore and even coding is outsourced to India. The migration to funding cheap low-hanging innovation over hard long-term but more meaningful innovation happened years ago and isn’t anything you can blame Zuckerberg for

Central Bank boss says US is partially to blame for Ireland’s economic crisis | Irish News | IrishCentral“without the complacent expansion of credit by the globally integrated financial market countries like the United States, then Ireland and Britain wouldn’t be in the trouble that they find themselves today”

I, Cringely » Blog Archive Why Facebook isn’t embarrassed by its IPO – Bob Cringely on Facebook’s optimally priced IPO

Is Insider Trading Part of the Fabric on Wall Street? – – not terribly surprising when as an industry banks invest millions to get an edge on speed of trades for a small commercial lever

Varying Rates of Growth in the G-20 – Graphic –

SecondMarket banks on rising tech stars, new markets | Bootstrap – CNET News

Researchers tout efficiency breakthrough with new ‘inexact’ chip — Engadget