Larry Page on the way Google views the future

Larry Page did a fifteen-minute talk at Google’s Zeitgeist conference in London. Many of the usual suspects appeared in terms of Google’s strategy:


  • Google+ is about helping to improve context like people based on a social graph
  • Knowledge panels is about improving context around information – the kind of questions that kids would have would do particularly well on this
  • Search is ‘about taking actions‘ which is even more important on mobile – a tacit acknowledgement that Siri was going the right way
  • Android was developed because Google found it hard to develop for a multiplicity of other platforms and form factors in mobile – having to deal with over 200 different devices. It’s ironic then that some Android devices
  • Where to focus the big bets: the tooth brush test – do you use it as often as your toothbrush (at least twice-a-day) – high customer touch products, monetisation gets worked out later
  • YouTube – doubled revenue every year for the past four years
  • A healthy disregard for the impossible

The video of the talk is on YouTube, so it may not be available to all readers.