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The Flame: Questions and Answers – Securelist

The Programming Language Lua – fast scripting language for embedded systems and application development

ITU adopts two ultra-high def TV specs • The Register

Decoding Share Prices: Amazon, Apple and Facebook | Monday Note

Taylor & Francis Online :: Cultural influences on Facebook photographs – International Journal of Psychology –

How Big Tech Companies Keep Quiet on Big News – comments on measured value of PR (ie: not very valuable) are interesting

Why Microsoft Killed Windows LiveIt’s basically admitting that “Windows Live” branded products cannot compete with Facebook, Twitter and other successful online services. (So why did Microsoft launch a new social network this month, named Yes, exactly…)

Even though this is an admission of defeat in the battlefield that is the Web, Microsoft still has some very successful Web properties. Hotmail and Messenger were singled out by Chris Jones as market-leading web products


The great debate about user centered design in China | TechNode | TechNode

Asia leads global digital-music consumption trend: Ipsos – Campaign Asia-Pacific

Amazon will start selling prepaid wireless in Japan — this was inevitable | VentureBeat

Kyocera’s Urbano Progresso to bring tissue-conductive sounds to Japan on May 30th – Engadget

Nano vacuum tubes could give a second life to the guitarist’s best friend — Engadget

Wen Jiabao urges further opening up in service sector|

Samsung PIN pop-up retail stores begin to appear in London | TechRadar – Samsung doing pop-up retail in a way that Nokia should be doing it

HP’s WebOS Enyo team reportedly heading to Google | Internet & Media – CNET News – this is a really interesting move from a web applications point-of-view

Google Penguin Updated To Version 1.1 | WebProNews

Aged Windows XP costs 5x more to manage than Windows 7

S/DOUBLE|FEATURE| Web Magazine – Hiroshi Fujiwara and Shawn Stussy look around the new S-Double Studios joint in Tokyo

UK ‘cookie law’ takes effect: What you need to know | ZDNet

Facebook advertising formats – overview of changes – Digital Intelligence

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QRcodes in luxury marketing | 在奢侈品营销中的QR码

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QRcodes give advertisers the opportunities to be creative in the ‘noise’ through minimising the data enclosed (for instance using a URL shortener) and careful positioning of the data within the square.
Swiss luxury watch brand Jaeger LeCoultre uses some carefully placed watch components in their QRcode and the complexity of QRcodes to human eyes (rather like the visual complexity of a watch movement). It was a subtle understated modification of a QRcode that fitted right in with the brand.

More information
Want to build a creative QRcode? QArt Coder is a good place to start

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Larry Page on the way Google views the future

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Larry Page did a fifteen-minute talk at Google’s Zeitgeist conference in London. Many of the usual suspects appeared in terms of Google’s strategy:


  • Google+ is about helping to improve context like people based on a social graph
  • Knowledge panels is about improving context around information – the kind of questions that kids would have would do particularly well on this
  • Search is ‘about taking actions‘ which is even more important on mobile – a tacit acknowledgement that Siri was going the right way
  • Android was developed because Google found it hard to develop for a multiplicity of other platforms and form factors in mobile – having to deal with over 200 different devices. It’s ironic then that some Android devices
  • Where to focus the big bets: the tooth brush test – do you use it as often as your toothbrush (at least twice-a-day) – high customer touch products, monetisation gets worked out later
  • YouTube – doubled revenue every year for the past four years
  • A healthy disregard for the impossible

The video of the talk is on YouTube, so it may not be available to all readers.