A more social media

In the early 1990s I lived in Merseyside. I worked in the petrochemical industry and indulged my passion for music through DJ’ing. A couple of people I knew at the time were involved in the local pirate radio scene on Zee100. Out of the radio station came club nights, a Channel 4 news report, magazine interviews and careers in DJ’ing and music production for my friend Ronnie.

These were an early ‘Facebook wall’ with listeners phoning in shout-outs  community notices were read out. Some local businesses were able to reach the audiences directly – I can remember local shop Seeds Records advertising on the station.

Promotion was analogue, with flyers and posters being critical to getting the word out. I invested in my first down jacket from McKenzie (at the time this was American collegiate sports style label which later became a house label of JD Sports) because fly posting for my own events in the middle of winter was no fun and there are few things as soul-destroying as putting your flyers in clothing shops and keeping them topped up. Buying Facebook adverts is much easier.

More details including some show recordings here.