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What’s new in Linux 3.5 – The H – improvements in security, new developments in hardware like USB connected monitors and playing catch-up with dtrace functionality with Solaris

The Secret Online Weapons Store That’ll Sell Anyone Anything – based on similar technology to the Silk Road marketplace, its like something out of an early William Gibson novel

To boldly shrink where no man has gone before – Nigel Scott on online video Becoming Digital – eerily prescient review of the media industry and how digital was likely to change it, despite having been written over a decade ago

Communities Dominate Brands: Digging Deeper into Nokia Q2 Results – and exactly how many ‘awesome’ sales was AT&T and China…

Freemium has run its course — GigaOM

Only cameras can see through Black-Ops Plastic |

design | polychromeLAB – great idea on this jacket

China’s Retro Time Store | JWT Intelligence

Data point: Kids can help push adults to play more, but many parents have no time | JWT Intelligence