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MPs call for FATCA-style automatic disclosure of UK citizens’ foreign tax affairs

ITC: Apple didn’t infringe two Google patents | MacNews

Expand Your Brand’s Fan Base on Facebook | About Social Media

PR in the PRC – Sixty Second View

What’s a WeJIT? ~ I, Cringely – lightweight collaboration tools would it threaten Exchange or Outlook? What about security?

JavaScript video technology only 17 years in the making ~ I, Cringely

Use the FORD Technique to Make Small Talk Easier

How Hollywood Is Encouraging Online Piracy: Scientific American – making the process hard to use, makes piracy more attractive

Exclusive: Apple-Samsung juror speaks out | Apple – CNET News

American Vogue’s September issue causing postal problems – Telegraph – good to see that print adverts are doing well somewhere

Jury Awards $1 Billion to Apple in Samsung Patent Case –

Aftersales email best practice from ASOS | Econsultancy

China’s Economy Besieged by Buildup of Unsold Goods –

Dell, HP and the folly of the consumer PC business | ZDNet

Nokia, Samsung, Others Form In-Location Alliance for Indoor Location

Helen Edwards: TripAdvisor and the looming decline of user-generated content | Marketing Blogs

Samsung: power, corruption and lies – The Kernel

Samsung Calls BS On Apple’s Charges Of Copying @

Samsung store looks like Apple store

Google facing irrelevance in China • The Register

South Korea Court Says Samsung, Apple Infringed Each Other’s Patents –

The Cheapest Generation – The Atlantic – possessions like cars and big televisions no longer of interest for younger people – reminds me a lot of early gen-x to be honest with you

Sony axing Liverpool game studio, ends Psygnosis’ 28-year history – Engadget – sad

Black Widow | Dustin Curtis – interesting analysis of Twitter and a warning about APIs

UK supermarket Sainsbury’s to launch own-brand video streaming service | The Verge

LG says started production of new screen, as Apple plans product launch | Reuters

China’s ‘B’ Shares Getting Erased as ‘A’ Shares Boom – WSJ

China: gloomy factory output survey | beyondbrics

‘Shirato Family’ star alongside Tommy Lee Jones in Boss-SoftBank crossover commercials ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion – love the crossover idea

Ex-Yahoo: Marissa Mayer Needs To Fire 10,000 People And Get Rid Of All The BlackBerrys – Business Insider

Communication Skills – Conversation as Communication by Gerard M Blair was one of the best guides I came across to be a people manager

Darpa Has Seen the Future of Computing … And It’s Analog |

11 friendly tips to help PRs write effective press releases | Econsultancy

How ‘Call Me Maybe’ and Social Media Are Upending Music – – what comes through in this article to me is the serendipity rather than science

Special Report: UK banks face scandal over toxic insurance products | Reuters

Nine brands making great use of Instagram, and one that isn’t | Econsultancy

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Thanks to Boston Dynamics and The Atlantic for this quality mash-up of a robot strutting his stuff to Stayin’ Alive.

I wish they could make one smart enough that would shove the guy in the clip back; not go all ED-209 on him, but stand up for robotic dignity. Hating on robots is the new racism.

The presidential campaigns in the US have got underway and a more militant tone is being taken to get the Jewish vote in the Democrat corner:

It’s a small thing but Percent Calculator is a real life-saver

Jo Nesbo’s Jackpot is a Coen Brother-style film played out in a Norwegian plastic Christmas tree factory that employees former convicts

I’ve only been able to find the trailer on YouTube so far, so apologies to those of you that can’t view it.

Crocodile on the Yangtze looks awesome, a documentary about how Jack Ma’s Alibaba won against eBay. China wasn’t the only market that eBay lost out in (for instance against Yahoo! Auctions in Japan) but it was one that showed how Silicon Valley could be out-innovated. More on IMDB.

Interesting: BMW Zagato coupé

Living in London means that I have a car free existence, so the last time I really paid a great deal of attention to car design was prior to the summer of 1998.
BMW Zagato coupe
© Copyright BMW AG, München, Deutschland.
I found the BMW Zagato design collaboration interesting for a couple of reasons:

  • It is a modern car with distinctly ‘classic’ lines. There are hints of pre-1970s Bristols, the Lancia Aurelia coupé (from the mid-1950s) and the Datsun 240Z Fairlady in the layout. This is very different to the BMW M1 sportscar that hung on my wall as a kid and had a much more futuristic feel to its design. As a society (at least in the western hemisphere) we aren’t looking forwards so much any more, there are no great leaps forward like the space race or the earlier stages of Silicon Valley
  • Some of the lines in the body work remind me of Jack Telnack’s New Edge design language for Ford that looked to create surface tension by adding creases to smooth aerodynamic shapes. It is interesting to see how ideas ripple across time and sectors of an industry.

More information
New designer to take a seat at Ford’s drawing board – New York Times
BMW Zagato coupé – BMW PressClub Global

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Made in America, by robots

Amazon Web Services Blog: Amazon Glacier: Archival Storage for One Penny Per GB Per Month – sounds ideal for online back ups if it had an easy to use client or the iDisk replacement I want

Doubling down in search results – Dot Comms – how Google’s new SERPs design affects SEO

Sina Weibo New Design Leaked | China Internet Watch – interesting for brands

Monocolumn – Is Sweden’s paternity leave breeding flagging fathers? [Monocle]

Everything Everywhere bags 4G monopoly in UK – for now • The Register

Oversharers need not apply « BBH Labs

Simultaneous media use growing in UK:

Chinese shopper habits evolve:

Nike’s ambush marketing rests on design: News from

Social ad budgets remain low in APAC:

63-year-old engineer may be Japan’s last ninja ‹ Japan Today so sad

Big Porn v. Big Web Ruling Could Spell Trouble for ICANN

Everything Everywhere in spectrum talks –

Can a Computer Tell Us What Makes Paris Look Like Paris? – The Atlantic

Jing Daily: China Is One Of The Most Exciting Places To Be An Architect Right Now

Prospects for “F-commerce” mixed in UK: News from

Juggle work and play in style with Samsung GALAXY S DUOS | SAMSUNG TOMORROW Global

DEAR FACEBOOK EMPLOYEES: Here’s The Truth About Your Stock Price – Business Insider – interesting how it matches this

Fantasy Apple TV | Monday Note – interesting that this is coming up whilst Hulu owners aren’t sure what to do with the business. I suspect the AppleTV speculation is more about media industry shadow boxing

SOCIAL MEDIA REPORT: Brands get with the programme – Campaign Asia-Pacific

Changing media and storytelling

Interesting presentation on brand storytelling and the changing media landscape: