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Oprah Time: What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism and the Modern Chinese Consumer by Tom Doctoroff

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What Chinese Want author Doctoroff is advertising agency J Walter Thompson (JWT)’s man in China. He has been there since the mid-1990s and so has had the time and access to agency resources to try and make sense of Chinese culture and how it pertains to consumer behaviour.

Doctoroff provides a good introduction to Chinese culture. As a marketer who has worked in China, the book content rang true.

I found some of the campaigns Doctoroff references really interesting. He illustrates each of the points that he makes with case studies and isn’t shy of pointing out where mistakes were made and how approaches  were tweaked.

I read some of the reviews on Amazon and thought them a bit harsh. The reviewers don’t seem to have on the ground experience in China. Having been in the trenches, I would recommend What Chinese Want as a good informative read. More China related content here.

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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Reading Time: < 1 minuteFive things that have made my day this week was delayed due to illness:

The Atlantic highlighted what a prestigious art centre called the best cat video on the web.

It’s been a week of stripping away some of my excess items to I have been working Discogs, Amazon and Ebay.

I have found the Postie iPhone app invaluable

Whilst most people are psyched about the para-olympics, I have been looking forward to the return of Doctor Who.

The BBC’s new police series Good Cop based in Liverpool got off to a good start, it was interesting to see the area where I spent a lot of time up to my mid-20s shot in a cinematic way. There are a number of in-jokes or hidden references in the series which people who haven’t lived in the area probably wouldn’t get, for example the main protagonists family name Rocksavage is a reference to the industrial region of Runcorn just up the river from Liverpool.