Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Delayed for a few different reasons including a trip half-way around the world, jet-lag and starting a new role. The things that have made my week were:

  • My Mum and Dad who have been helping me with the move, despite their own misgivings of me not being in Ireland instead
  • My colleague Zaheer Noorudin who took me for the best curry I have had in a long time
  • My former colleagues at Ruder Finn who gave me an iTunes voucher as a going away present. Eminently practical when visiting a space-challenged place like Hong Kong, I used it to provide a better viewing option than Cathay Pacific’s CX Studio. I managed to get my way through Margin Call and the 30th anniversary edition of Blade Runner, both of which I would highly recommend

Margin Call trailer on YouTube:

Margin Call trailer on Tudou:

  • Watch brands have finally got on the lived in look judging by Tudor’s Heritage Black Bay diving watch. I particularly liked the idea of Tudor engineering a NATO strap just for the watch with a proper Tudor buckle Ok, so it isn’t a Rolex, but these ideas could be a laboratory for future Rolex variants, especially given how the brand has tolerated (if not collaborated with the Bamforth Watch Department)
  • I have been listening to a lot of 80s electronica this week, this mix by Panama is a good idea of the kind of stuff that caught my ear