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Jason Goldberg on e-commerce

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Jason is now known as the poster child e-commerce with, in a prior role I had Jason as a client as he tried to transform recruiting in a similar way.

The video is on YouTube so may not be available to all readers.
Key points:

  • Globally, five percent of retail is now online
  • Move to e-commerce for emotional products is more about wow factor rather than price
  • Global love for great product design
  • Furniture, jewellery and art online have double and triple digit growth in sales
  • More than 50 per cent of Fab’s sales can be on mobile during a given day, aggregates out to 35-40 per cent overall
  • Consumers shop brands: product brands and retail brands. Expectation of online experience and product portfolio
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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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Yahoo! back to 2005?

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If you are vaguely interested in the online sector, you will have noticed that Summly has been acquired by Yahoo!. The acquisition is interesting for a number of reasons:

  • It is a statement of Yahoo!’s mobile aspirations. Yahoo! has been in mobile for a good while. Yahoo! Go tried to pull all the of the Yahoo! portal properties into an app-like experience and Yahoo! ZoneTag was an early experiment of attributing location to smartphone pictures well before the iPhone. Upload to Flickr was integrated into many SonyEricsson and Nokia phones (notably the bestselling Nokia N73) But none of these pioneering efforts were rewarded with market share
  • Yahoo! is looking to buy cool. Summly has had about one million downloads, mostly by early adopters of its news reader. It is not the mass-market audience that Yahoo! usually targets, like Flickr and Delicious before it this is about cool. Whilst most of the focus has been on the media, Yahoo! has historically made these purchases to try and infuse some of the start-up get up and go DNA into the larger organisation
  • Summly makes some interesting technological choices that would appeal to Yahoo!. Firstly, surfacing content that consumers would find of interest; particularly interesting given that Google has abandoned RSS. Secondly, using analytical techniques to create abridged version of content could also be a differentiator in search in terms of both presentation and as a technique to improve relevance (if the abridged rather than full versions were indexed)
  • The 3o million dollar acquisition figure being bandied around mirrors the rumoured costs of buying both Flickr and Delicious back in the mid-noughties. One of the key differences between Flickr and Delicious with Summly is the technology benefit that was brought to the table by the web 2.0 pioneers and in Flickr’s case the quality of the business on offer. Prior to being acquired Flickr was pretty close to breaking even with its freemium model
  • Summly is an interesting focus away from the traditional Silicon  and Bay Area stomping grounds of Yahoo!

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