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5 tips for building apps for Baby Boomers – – not sure about the responsive web design comment. I think that this is more like avoid bad web design

Baby Boomers: Every Silver Lining Has a Touch of Grey – CRM Magazine

Inside the Brain of a Boomer: How Cash-Rich Demo Sees Ads | News – Advertising Age

Tranisitioning into Retirement: The MetLife Study of Baby Boomers at 65 – (PDF)

MediaPost Publications Marketing To Baby Boomer And Senior Customers – Part I 01/07/2013

Reports and Insights | Introducing Boomers: Marketing’s Most Valuable Generation | Nielsen

The Sandwich Generation | Pew Social & Demographic Trends

‘Liberator’: Proof that you CAN’T make a working gun in a 3D printer • The Register

Samsung is hurting Android – Opinion – Trusted Reviews

Why E-Mail Newsletters Won’t Die |

Facebook’s iPhone Culture Builds An Overzealous Home On Android | TechCrunch – it is interesting that Facebook employees choose iPhone though. Says a lot about the appeal of the platform to tech early adopters

PayPal Says It’s Time to Ditch Passwords and PINs, and Apple may lead the way with iPhone 6 – Digital Lifestyle – Macworld UK

DRM in HTML5 is a victory for the open Web, not a defeat | Ars Technica

13 Ways Brands Can Boost Their Facebook Edgerank Status

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  1. More a fan of static responsive design (so say 3 break points / layouts which don’t change at all until you hit the next break point) rather than the more in-vogue fluid approach where everything changes every pixel smaller / larger the browser gets.

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