The future of television discussion on the Aspen Institute

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I was watching a roundtable on The Future of Television hosted by the Aspen Institute in the US, whilst much of it was of limited interest; some of the conversations percolated with other things that have sat around in my head for a while:

So here are the thoughts that I was kicking around

  • The internet looks less like an atomic bomb and more like a transport medium to the content industry.
  • Business models not channels are disrupting media and interruption marketing as a business model is threatened
  • Attention poverty is an issue: better not more
  • Social is only appropriate in certain contexts
  • Gamification is a phrase to get marketers and designers to think again about incentivisation

  • Games are considerably stratified from social games (the equivalent of a crossword) to role playing PC games (think Games Workshop addicts)
  • Immersive gaming isn’t for everyone
  • Immersive experiences aren’t ready for prime-time

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