iOS 7 reminded me of the Nokia N950

I have been one of the few people that had a chance to see what an opportunity Nokia missed out on by turning it’s back on the MeeGo operating system and spent a bit of time with the Nokia N950. Only a few hundred of them were made which Nokia lent to developers. When they appear on eBay they currently change hand for 5,000 USD+.
Nokia N950
Notice the use of vibrant icons. Now take a look at this screen grab of the Apple home page showcasing iOS7.
The colour fades in the icons and and the vibrancy struck a chord that reminded me of the design language in the Nokia N950 interface.

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  1. You aren’t the only one who’s seen that. But, there are also not too many who have had the N9/50 in hand to make that comparison. I use the N9 daily, and it was one of the first things that I saw. So much so, that I blogged it as an editorial over at an N9-focused website (

    Thing is, it does make you wonder what route Nokia would have taken design if they allowed themselves to go with MeeGo instead of Windows Mobile. Besides the squircle, we might have seen icons and homescreens vanish in terms of being the vanguard of mobile-portal design.

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