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How Chinese consumers use their smartphones

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Get an understanding of how Chinese consumers use their smartphones via this short video.

There won’t be any surprises in it for people who read this blog. Mobile in China is what what desktop internet and broadband were in Europe. The key difference is the scale of 1.4 billion total population and a good deal of them living in exceptionally population dense mega cities.

Chinese consumers use their smartphones as the gateway to the media. Offline media is dull by comparison. Shopping and getting the best bargains. This is underpinned by an amazing logistics infrastructure by the likes of SF Express and BEST.

Since China, like South Korea has real ID attached to online and mobile identities – local government services and banking is being built upon the mobile app ecosystem. This will then impact how Chinese consumers use their smartphones further.

The video is hosted on YouTube so may not be available to all viewers. More consumer behaviour related content here. More on the Chinese smartphone market here.

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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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7nm, 5nm, 3nm: The new materials and transistors that will take us to the limits of Moore’s law | ExtremeTech

Survey Finds Higher Unemployment in China, Wide Wealth Gap and High Inequality – China Real Time Report – WSJ

Yes, Samsung is acutely aware that we’ve reached “peak trophy smartphone” – Quartz – hollowing out of the business a la the PC market

Recipicheck – Prevent emails being sent to unintended recipients. – interesting, they could have played embarrassment as a bigger card

Download: Whitepaper ‘Avoiding the Pharma Digital Trap’

New research on measuring Social Media ROI – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice

The Future Of Facebook Is, Without A Doubt, Asia – and the ARPU number will be a fraction of the current value

How technology has stopped evolution and is destroying the world | Guardian – it reads a bit like the unibomber manifesto

Apple’s Secret Weapon: the IPhone 4 – WSJ.comMany customers buy iPhone 5s for gifts, he added, but usually buy the iPhone 4 or 4S for personal use

Government Access to Information Survey : Cloud Security Alliance – not sure that the design is that robust, but the results won’t make US technology providers happy

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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Things that made my day this week:

This week I went back to the roots of the Pure night I used to play in ‘Birkenvegas’ during the middle of a week that was a mix of vocal house, some Italian stuff and a bit of Cowboy Records era progressive. I had the Basement Boys on heavy rotation. We used to play for a mixed crowd of emotional office workers and the unemployed.

The UK government announced a great britannic firewall to protect subjects from smut; whilst reading about the analysis surrounding this, I came across an animated infographic which provided backgrounds into the kind of adult content searched for by different regions.

Durex has been pushing a micro-film that they created for the local market called Performan which has really high production values.

Vietnamese mobile coupon app Shoppie put together a really sophisticated demo video for their product.

My hack of the week is Embed Responsively which provides you with dynamic iFrame code that adjusts to the width of a web page.