Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Five things that made my day this week.

This week mean’t late nights in the office to the sounds of Jose Padilla courtesy of the legends at Test Pressing.

Complex magazine have been delving into the story behind some of the great hip-hop records. I was switched on to Jeru the Damaja by a mancunian in college with me called Chris Bellis.

Chris was really into his urban music: lovers rock and hip-hop; notably Jeru. I saw this remember and it took me back. Interesting that McDonald’s are sponsoring the content.

Honda have banged out another thoughtful advert for the Japanese market:

What’s interesting about this is how the company is reliving its Formula 1 glory days.

Paul Armstrong flagged up this nice slide deck from comScore talking about mobile gaming behaviour.

Casual games have brought back a more gender balanced gaming experience, but it’s the boys who will pay for the virtual goods.

Finally check out the Martini guest list app on Facebook it is like a voice-activated version of the old text-based adventure games; where you have to use the right key words in order to get past the door staff and on to the guest list of a brand party.