China’s top brands 2014

One has to have a certain amount of scepticism about the science that goes into brand lists but they do serve a purpose to show how marketing changes. Brand Z (part of the WPP Group for which I also ultimately work) have released their top 100 Chinese brands of 2014. Here is what I thought were the most interesting takeaways were from the document:

  • Chinese brands are considered by Chinese consumers to have equivalent ‘brand equity’ to foreign brands
  • Chinese brands have managed to improve in terms of relevance, performance and presence, but lag in terms of bonding (emotional attachment)
  • They also struggle with overseas awareness
  • Two of the top three most trusted brands were online brands: Baidu and Ctrip
  • Private enterprises on the list tended to spend more on print and online advertising compared to State-Owned Enterprises

Challenges for brands identified by Brand Z include:

  • Building and maintaining trust
  • Developing a distinctive brand personality
  • Being more human as a brand
  • Older brands need to put a greater value on their heritage

There is a nice infographic that goes with all this
Brand Z China's top 100 brands
More information
Brand Z Top 100 Chinese Brands 2014 (PDF)