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China’s cigarette output soars despite tobacco controlsChina’s anti-smoking efforts in the past decade have failed to limit the explosive growth of the country’s cigarette producers, according to a new report.

Hongkongers feel more ‘negatively’ towards mainland Chinese than Japanese, survey shows – relatively positive view of the Japanese isn’t surprising when you look at how Japanese style and products are consumed in Hong Kong. However when this headline is read through a mainland perspective it becomes more confrontational

China-EU Bilateral Investment Treaty: Can It Be Achieved? – Analysis

HKMA warns against use of BitcoinThe Hong Kong Monetary Authority says the virtual currency, Bitcoin, cannot be considered as a means of payment or an electronic currency. The statement comes a day after the mainland ordered banks not to deal in Bitcoin.

China’s favorite basketball star unveils the Nike Kobe 9 Elite shoe – Nike is so beholden to China for sales

Is the yuan going global, or just masking more shady Chinese banking?An obscure trade report about China is raising eyebrows about the swift rise of the country’s currency. After accounting for a mere 1.9% of financing for global trade in January 2012, the yuan now makes up a whopping 8.7% in October 2013

Moody’s to Apple: Don’t Listen to Carl Icahn – avoid “significantly more debt” or “face heightened credit risk”

Why Microsoft needs three—or more—operating systems | Ars Technica

Moore’s Law isn’t making chips cheaper anymore

Philips & Samsung among firms in EU raidPhilips and Samsung Electronics said they were among the companies visited by EU officers this week on suspicion of breaking competition rules.

Facebook Admits Organic Reach of Brand Posts Is Dipping | Advertising Age – buy more ads

Mobile Tracking at Dealerships Drives Consumer Data to Mazda | Advertising Age

You have too many chat apps. Can Layer connect them? | The Verge – Jabber for OTT?

See you on the golf course, John, Cisco is in trouble – I, Cringely – intereasting analysis

8 Brands Rocking Snapchat | Mashable

RIM oral history

Hong Kong consumers spend on luxuries rather than personal vehicles

Disney revives MVNO

Facebook admits organic reach is low

Facebook revamps power editor

Chinese government says Bitcoin can’t be used

Really nice bit of creative for LINE – amazing Thai advert

Apple finally signs deal with China Mobile, just in time for there LTE-like network

Socialize: November 2013 | Common Sense

What are Danish Consumers Doing Online?

Shipping containers | The Atlantic

Xiaomi – iPhone is still best phone on the market

Google Puts Money on Robots, Using the Man Behind Android –

Landor’s 2014 trends forecast – WPP

Giant electronic hands let runners high-five people online

Where are the market researchers on Cameron’s trade delegation to China? | – How digital research methods can overcome challenges to researching

Making Mobile Ads That Work – Harvard Business Review  – when mobile ads actually work

Dating agencies to help Hong Kong’s career women find a husband | South China Morning Post – damn some of this is brutal