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Netflix open sources its data traffic cop, Suro (Derrick Harris/Gigaom) – Netflix is open sourcing a tool called Suro that the company uses to direct data from its source to its destination in real time.

Yahoo! Very dependent on Microsoft search revenue

Facebook social share declines

EU takes hard stance on Samsung

Chinese corporate debt in charts | Quartz

The west is losing faith in it’s future |

Dutch Digital Market Overview October 2013 – comScore, Inc – There are 13.3million Dutch internet users & 11.5million online video viewers. What are they doing online?

Language Data Reveals Twitter’s Global Reach | MIT Technology Review

Moët & Chandon appoints Fan Bing Bing as its brand ambassador | Marketing Interactive – interesting that a wine brand needs a muse, but what a muse ;-)

Kawaii Culture: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Cuteness – Euromonitor International – soft power in progress

Bitcoin isn’t banned in China, only legally defined. – interesting posting on Bitcoin in China

America’s 20 per cent who are affluent

Energy costs dragging Europe down

Alibaba invests in logistics know-how

Someone’s Been Siphoning Data Through a Huge Security Hole in the Internet | Threat Level |

Toys and Games: Trends, Developments and Prospects Global Briefing – Euromonitor International

Digital Trends: UK consumers chose specialist social networks – Media Week<

U.S. Renters Face Growing Affordability Problems — MacArthur Foundation

How to bet against the bitcoin megabubble (Stephen Gandel/Fortune) – yes, but it’s an expensive trade.

By George, Britain’s Austerity Experiment Didn’t Work! : The New Yorker

Information Geographies – really great slideware resource