Observations from the UK: The rise of the e-cigarette

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The first person I knew who enjoyed e-cigarettes was my friend Alvaro an inveterate smoker, a couple of years ago, but even 12 months ago they were few and far between. Now e-cigarette retailers are becoming as prevalent as mobile phone shops were in the mid-1990s, with brands like VIP which suggest sophistication. Their prevalence constrasts sharply with Hong Kong where traditional forms of nicotine addiction are still in vogue.

Some of the e-cigarettes look like something you would find in a head shop for the enjoyment of cannabis.

Politicians and pressure groups ponder whether to force cigarette companies to have plain packaging, and the tobacco companies engage through specialist lobbying firms the right-wing more libertarian minded politicians to slow down the behavioural change measures that governments want to put in place. However, consumers seem to be taking up a more efficient and effective nicotine delivery system; the debate over cigarettes may become a mute point.

At CES one of the biggest stories that few people were talking about was the boom in stands with different nicotine delivery systems designed to fit just about every smokers self expression including pipes and cigar-alikes.

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