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More of America’s new cars will come from Mexico than Japan this year – Quartz – globalisation at work, will the Chinese car brands enter the US with kit assembly plants in Mexico or will they export directly from China?

Sony in talks with Lenovo: report – Sony’s Vaio range to follow Motorola and the ThinPad?

The F.A.T Manual | F.A.T. – open source art projects that can be taken apart remixed and used elsewhere

absorptions: Mystery signal from a helicopter by .@windyoona – fascinating bit of geeky sleuthing

Q4 2013 Smartphone OS Results: Is Google Losing Control of the Android Ecosystem? – yes it probably is, partly due to negligence in the way it (doesn’t) work with tier two Chinese manufacturers

House of Cards: Assessing the Impact of Software Infringement on Manufacturing Competitiveness | DisCo – some interesting statistics, I just don’t trust some of the sources notably the Business Software Alliance. Most of these figures are based on the fact that every pirated copy would be a substitute to a legitimate one; which is a logical fallacy, a software pipedream. The survey methodology the BSA uses is flawed with too small a sample size

ECB ‘alarm bells ring’ at inflation fall | Irish Examiner – oops there goes the neighbourhood, Europe as the new Japan, just nowhere near as cool?

Fairer contracts urged after mobile phone complaints soar | The Observer – goes to show how poor EE’s much vaunted network actually is, speaks louder than a network map

Super Bowl Spending Driven by Automotive Ads – Wall Street Journal – US advertising spend on the iconic Super Bowl slots over time visualised by The Wall Street Journal

3 Google Moves Signal End of Smartphone Era | EE Times – move towards more objects that have fixed or wireless connectivity and comparable computation inside