Nice use of postcards as part of an integrated campaign

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Regardless of your opinions on Coca-Cola regarding:

  • Their products
  • The health issues surrounding ingredients
  • The size of the business
  • Their defacto position (alongside McDonald’s and the major Hollywood film studios) as storm-trooper of American cultural dominance

They can do a really good bit of marketing on occasion, the reasons to believe campaign in cinemas and on in the TV at the moment is a classic case in point. (Below is one of the campaign treatments on YouKu for mainland Chinese readers).

Coca-Cola have also followed this through using other media, keeping the tone and sentiment just right.
Here is a picture of two postcards that I picked up at the cinema, the clever bit was when I flipped them over and they already had 2nd class stamps.
It may seem like a small thing at first but it shows to me the attention to detail that went into the campaign planning. They could have just stopped at the creative on the front, they could have had post paid printed on each card; but instead they had a proper stamp just like you would buy at the post office attached to each card.

I don’t believe that a ‘social’ campaign is bounded by platform; or even whether it is online or not; and I think that this is one of the smartest social moves I have seen in a while. Measurement beyond trying to sift through the talkability data maybe harder to prove.