40 blogs that inspire me in work and publishing here

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Despite the fact that blogs are considered dead in some quarters and RSS is considered by some people to be an obsolete format; they are still a source of inspiration to me and my RSS reader Newsblur pulls them together in a coherent format for me. Here are some of the blogs that provide the most inspiration.

Name / CategoryDescription
Wall Street Journal Corporate Intelligence blogLooks at a range of different business sectors and is issues rather than scoop-driven.
Edge Perspectives with John Hagel– I am not too sure how to categorise this blog as it leaps around so much, sometimes I don’t particular agree with the posts, but they force me to think and question
Monocle MonocolumnImagine if the late great Alistair Cooke’s Postcard from America had been global in nature and the writing crowd-sourced from a number of correspondents – this is the best way I can think of how to describe the Monocolumn. It is also interesting in that it represents Monocle magazine’s solitary concession to online social media.Tyler Brule once described it this way:

Good conversation and a glass of white wine – that’s our type of social networking

Organizations and MarketsIn their own words:‘Organizations and Markets focuses on academic research in economics and management, the authors also comment occasionally on other shared interests, such as classical liberalism and cultural conservatism’
AnalectsThe Economist’s China blog which looks across business, society, culture and developments within the CPC regime. They usually have some interesting data points
Asia blogThe Asia Society have a blog which alternates between amazing photography from the region and analysis pieces with an academic / think tank type feel
Asian Security BlogWritten by Robert Kelly a Korean-based professor of international relations, it has some interesting posts analyzing the complex relationships across APAC
Bytes of ChinaEthnographer Tricia Wang’s blog where she occasionally posts insights on Chinese consumers and how they use technology. I also recommend checking out her speaking presentations, a number of which are available on YouTube
China Real TimeThe Wall Street Journal’s blog which has an eclectic mix of posts on all aspects of Chinese life including business and culture.
ChinaTechNewsAll things information economy related in China from social and mobile platforms to devices and legal changes
Hong Kong HustleA Hong Kong-specific blog on culture and all things ‘cool’
Jing DailyAll things luxury sector related in China.
Jottings from the Granite StudioWritten by Jeremiah Jenne, a PhD student studying in China covering a wide range of subject areas including popular culture and everyday life
May DailyPopbitch for east Asia, handy for having enough celebrity gossip to make conversation with colleagues. Much of the content comes from the Hong Kong equivalent of the Daily MailThe Apple Daily and is then summarized in English. They seem to have stopped posting in late December, I hope to see them back on form after Chinese New Year
Scene AsiaA Wall Street Journal blog that covers all aspects of culture, lifestyle and topical affairs across Asia
Andy KesslerBlog of the business author and former Wall Street analyst, mostly just posts the copy from his Wall Street Journal articles there now.
Bronte Capital Australian authored blog with some interesting analysis on some of the business stories of the day with a very strong focus on US companies
Strategyprofs.netPretty much as the name implies. A blog written by seven professors who specialise in business strategy
Union Square VenturesA mix of curated content and original analysis by staff from a New York-based
Cool ToolsKevin Kelly’s website which is a spiritual successor to the Whole Earth Catalog.
designboomGreat new product site which cover product design to architecture products, handy to look through for inspiration
DezeenSimilar to designboom but more focused on architecture
IDSA Materials and Processes SectionMaterials and processes for the manufacture of products, it includes selected teardowns
Thinking and SharingDesign related blog that is occasionally updated by digital agency ustwo when they aren’t busy building stuff for their big brand clients
BBH LabsRandom assortment of posts from the innovation team at BBH, always something to think about
ExcapiteIdeas of exploration in the network economy
PARC blogA blog detailing the events and discussions hosted by Xerox PARC research center focused on the cutting edge of the technology sector
CEB Iconoculture Consumer Insights BlogPosts based on the consumer reports that they are doing
Creative Culture InternationalNuggets of consumer behaviour insights from around the world
GfK Insights BlogGlobal market research agency posts based on some of the research they carry out, has a mixed bag of content
The comScore Data MineInfographics based on online data
WPP Reading RoomAggregation of research and whitepapers put out by companies across the WPP Network
China Internet WatchThink Techcrunch for China
China Social Media blogA good source of data-points and infographics written by social branding agency Resonance China
Facebook Developer BlogLess of a pleasure, more of a professional necessity to try and keep with up with the latest developments on the Great Satan of social
FluxxA product and service design agency in London who write some nice trend pieces
Infinite LoopArs Technica’s Apple-focused channel, quality analysis
Michael Geist Canadian expert on intellectual property and online privacy. Blogs analysis with a North American focus
Tech-On!Nikkei authored blog on Japanese technology
The WirecutterA ‘best of ‘ website that looks at different technology categories