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Unravelling South Korea’s dinner porn | Dazed – its about loneliness and vicarious eating for dieters

Adidas Says Under Armour Infringed Its Wearable – Businessweek – patent wars a la Samsung and Apple in progress

How the ‘value trap’ squeezes Windows PC makers’ revenues and profits | – which explains a lack of innovation, Microsoft getting into hardware and why Apple is better off smaller but more profitable

TelecomTV | Microsoft names new CEO: guess who gets to advise him? – Bill Gates does a Steve Jobs by using the new CEO as a glorified sock puppet?

TelecomTV | China’s Third Plenum and its implications for the telecoms sector

Microsoft’s new CEO offers little comfort for mobile – Rethink Wireless

Apple CDN: iCloud performance could be vastly improved | BGR – key word here is ‘could’ rumours and speculation.

The tales of Steve Jobs & Japan #02: casual friendship with Sony | Steve Jobs and Japan | (EN)

How to remove Samsung Magazine UX: officially it’s not possible | BGR

11.6m mobile devices infected with malware | Telecom Asia – inevitable given the connected nature of mobile devices and they are becoming the dominant form of personal computing

Japan Today | Sony to sell Vaio business to Japanese investment fund

China’s educated women power e-tailing:

Microsoft signs deal to license Foursquare’s location data as it invests $15 million in the companyMicrosoft just became a Foursquare investor and the startup’s biggest source of revenue, as noted by The New York Times. – Expect Microsoft’s mapping offering to improve radically

Vivienne Tam’s WeChat partnership delivers New York Fashion Week front row access | Jing Daily

80pc of Shanghai consumers made a luxury purchase within the last year: study – Luxury Daily – Research

Papering over the cracks – Excapite on Facebook Paper

Foreign journalists in Japan are “propagating misinformation” about Fukushima | Japan Probe – good to see the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan calling bullshit on these journalists

China: real estate engine sputters in January | FT – that may not be a bad thing (paywall)

Ireland goes the extra mile for Chinese visitors | South China Morning Post – Ireland eased its visa restrictions last year, after the UK tightened theirs (paywall)

QQ carried 13.4 billion messages in one day for Chinese New Year

Spending money has never been easier in China’s mobile finance era

Chinese mobile phone manufacturers try to be better than Xiaomi |

KFC’s largest customer base is scared of it’s chicken | Quartz – on China’s relationship with KFC

This Chinese online retailer’s IPO documents could be a bit too candid | Quartz – interesting analysis for’s IPO filing

Slower Hong Kong retail sales | RTHK

American cable industry plan to survive, make services people want

Democracy in Hong Kong was never Britain’s concern, pre and post 1997 | South China Morning PostThey wanted a smooth transition, with a nice final party, wholly in accord with the elegant management of national decline being enacted elsewhere in the world – (paywall)

China Bets on Homegrown OS | EE Times

Will Apple find enough consumers in China to buy its iPhone? – Quartz