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India: Huawei investigated over alleged BSNL hack | beyondbrics – one to watch to see how it develops

Errata Security: That NBC story 100% fraudulent – a lot of technology media coverage is embarrassing

Louis Vuitton attaches personas to men’s bags to broaden appeal – Luxury Daily – Internet

V2V: What are vehicle-to-vehicle communications and how will they work | ExtremeTech

IBM to peddle chip unit | The Register

Google bought 5.94% of Lenovo | Reuters

Critical blog on Blinkx was paid for by investors | CityAM

Exclusive: How mainland millionaires overwhelmed Canada visa scheme | South China Morning Post – (reg wall)

By taking the edges off, graphene just got a little more interesting as a future chip-making material — Tech News and Analysis

JWT London study: U.K. men more multidimensional than conventional wisdom has it | JWT Intelligence

In the Asian century, Australia is becoming Asian too | Trends in the Living NetworksTrends in the Living Networks

The Anatomy of Facebook: A Quick Guide to the Facebook Ecosystem For Brands | Simply Measured

Apple RESURRECTS the iPhone 4: report • The Register – the iPhone 4/4s format is almost like the Mac Classic which lived in various incarnations through the 1980s and early 1990s in Apple’s range

Jing Daily: Estee Lauder pins hops on China’s tier 2 cities to lift lagging growth e Lauder Pins Hopes On China’s Tier-2 Cities To Lift Lagging Growth

Government OKs Car-to-Car Talk | EE Times

Britain is now being taxed so much that the pips are squeaking | City AM – interesting I would add to this that it is reliant on the PAYE tax payers

Korea to Chinese Tourists: Shop Here, Get a VisaSouth Korea plans to offer VIP cards to big-spending Chinese tourists entitling them to five-year multiple-entry visas, use of exclusive immigration counters and discounts at certain stores

David Ignatius: After Snowden, a diminished Internet? – The Washington Post – sure just the worldliness that followed the ‘summer of love’ in the late 1960s

I, Cringely Nadella’s success at Microsoft probably depends on Gates – I, Cringely

Chinese “counterfeit DuPont plastic” prompted Aston Martin’s giant recall – Surely physical testing would have shown that the product wasn’t to spec?

Millennials Put Their Surprising Stamp on the American Dream – not about secure old age or a certain level of consumerism but about day-to-day control over their life

Quoted: on British spies targeting hacker group Anonymous | SiliconBeatTargeting Anonymous and hacktivists amounts to targeting citizens for expressing their political beliefs – Which is what security services do when the political beliefs are divergent from the establishment: anti-nuclear movement, new age travellers and anti-globalisation protestors

Study Says a Personalized Subject Line is the Key to Email Success | Marketing Pilgrim – open with a good headline

UK retailers see rise in overseas mobile searches | IAB UK – from Germany, the US, France and the Netherlands

YouTube clamps down on fake views with video audits – Digital Intelligence

2012-2013 China Online Shopping Transaction Situation — China Internet Watch

Jing Daily: Chinese Designers Rise In Ranks At Top Global Fashion Weeks – are the creative industries in the West really a bulwark against China?