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Sony Sells Their Waterproof MP3 Player Inside A Bottle Of Water [Video] – PSFK – design as truth well told

Oracle and Pluribus team up, flip the switch on Cisco SDN killer • The Register – expect Huawei et al to get in on the act

Jing Daily: What Chinese Consumers Were (And Weren’t) Buying Over Chinese New Year – experiences and self-indulgence rather than ‘presents’

China’s $122 billion boom in shadow banking is happening on phones – when Chinese workers got their year-end bonuses—was a boon for China’s online banking giants

Line pulled in 5.5 million shoppers for its flash sales – in Thailand

U.S. GAO – Nanomanufacturing: Emergence and Implications for U.S. Competitiveness, the Environment, and Human Health

Signs that Hong Kong society is tearing at the seams | South China Morning Post – quite a radical take by Alex Lo (paywall)

Bright Smart plans IPO for online broadcaster – Hong Kong broker Bright Smart Securities said it plans to spin off an online broadcasting business (paywall)

Japan’s Abenomics Recovery Needs Healthy Pay Raises – Businessweek

Asia’s frugal middle class will drive the next two decades of air traffic growth – Quartz