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‘Occupy Central’ — commonly used phrase – “Occupy Central” was the most commonly used new phrase used by the Hong Kong press in 2013. But experts said it was surprising that the regional media used relatively fewer new words about politics last year. Instead the focus was on social issues related to daily life

There is a real chance Carney’s high stakes bet will end in tears | City A.M.

Chinese Luxury Market Cools Amid Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Campaign |

Digital Cosmopolitans: An Interview with Ethan Zuckerman (Part Two) – The word, cosmopolitanism, is often used and often misunderstood

Boeing seeks to certify biodiesel for jet fuel around the world | VentureBeat | Green | by Antony Ingram, Green Car Reports – seems to be only plant bio diesel rather than also using waste rendered animal products

Flickr cofounder launches ’email killer’ Slack to the world | VentureBeat

Tablet Hourly Usage Study: iPad Dominates, Surface Users More Active During Working Hours | Chitika Online Advertising Network

Shanghai couples seeking Valentine’s Day cinema tickets foiled by bitter singles | South China Morning Post – singles troll couples at one cinema by buying odd numbered seat tickets, the whole thing arranged by a crowd-sourcing site (paywall)

Watching Olympics Online? Here’s Why You See the Same Ads Over and Over – Businessweek

China’s Delicate Jobs Challenge | The Diplomat

Top 10 Sensor Trends to Watch | EE Times

Our Take: Wire Services & High Speed Trading | Beyond PR – nano-seconds advantage on Businesswire feeds?

What the World Thinks 2014 – WPP – (PDF)

The US wireless industry isn’t “world class” according to the Japanese billionaire who’s invested in it – Quartz

Study Suggests Cars That are More Fuel Efficient are Also More AnnoyingAmericans hate spending money on gasoline, but a study out today suggests that they also get annoyed by the technology required to deliver a more efficient car

AnandTech | ARM Cortex A17: An Evolved Cortex A12 for the Mainstream in 2015

China’s Secret Weapon: Giant 3D Printers? | Motherboard

Could China’s Yuan Be Overvalued? Lombard Street Analyst Says Yes. – China Real Time Report – WSJ

Unlocked iPhones Are Hard Currency in Brazil, Italy, Other Countries – Businessweek – I guess easier to move around than a Louis Vuitton handbag. In China there is a secondary market with shops in every city buying and selling unwanted gifts that act as a laundry for these payment plays

The No. 1 thing Indians want in a cream is its ability to lighten their skin – Quartz

Pizza Hut OkCupid Profile: Pizza Chain Asks for Marriage Proposals | – genius

Is the Facebook Like Dead for Marketers? – I hope so