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China and Schumpeter’s “Creative Destruction” | BloombergBusinessWeek

No New Windows Phone Models on Tap for BarcelonaNokia It’s shaping up to be a rough Mobile World Congress for Microsoft, with little new expected on either the hardware or software front for Windows Phone – not necessarily that rough, the handsets could be lost in the noise

China denies export data was inflatedThe Ministry of Commerce has dismissed speculation that China’s suprisingly strong export data in January was inflated. Exports jumped 10.6 percent year on year — more than double the 4.3 percent growth in December

Fear of a White Genre – concerns that white people will destroy hip-hop

Private-Equity Funds Bet $5 Billion on Shipping Rebound – Bloomberg – and so betting on increased world trade / consumption

Ikea Couches With Added Bling Boost Furniture Startups – Bloomberg

Hurun Report Chinese luxury survey – Secrets to Luxury Life of Chinese Multimillionaires Revealed | ChineseInternetWatch

Retail trends to watch in SEA | TelecomAsia

Meet The Woman Behind One Of Facebook’s Fastest-Growing And Most Lucrative New Businesses | BuzzFeed

Despite the occasional splurge on fancy sauce, Japanese consumers aren’t spending enough to save Abenomics | Quartz

No proof of cancer risk from mobiles: study – An 11-year medical study has found no link between mobile use or proximity to base stations and and increased cancer risk

Samsung is very sensitive about being called a copycatAfter getting thumped by Apple for alleged patent infringement, Samsung has become more determined than ever to shed its copycat image. That’s why Samsung has now filed a countersuit against British manufacturer Dyson for allegedly “hurting Samsung’s corporate image” – I guess the truth hurts, as a PR strategy this is sure to bite Samsung on the arse

Birds Eye launches Mashtags potato shapes – as if you needed to see more evidence that social media is now a hygiene factor

Abe put Japan on back foot in global PR war with China | The Japan Times

Extravagant events ‘not enough’ to keep the Hong Kong showbiz industry’s star shining – A decade of government extravagance in promoting show business has done little to sustain the local entertainment scene, which may benefit more from long-term policies instead, industry veterans say. (paywall)

When nicotine tastes like candy and is sold online, of course kids will buy it | Quartz – Electronic cigarettes are a good alternative for those unable to cut out nicotine, but fears are mounting that they could also represent a gateway vice for kids who might never have smoked in the first place

Google wants to do away with Android fragmentation once and for all | BGR – it really needs to sort out hardware manufacturer relations in China which are abysmal

Android Contract Raises Questions | EE Times – not terribly surprised by this, explains the commoditisation of the handset market quite eloquently though

My contemptible device – I had a similar journey with tablets to Anthony’s

Dissecting Disney’s MagicBand | EE Times – passive short range RFID and active longer range RFID with built in battery and transmitter

Design Engineers Take On Component Police | EE Times

Depth-Sensing Image Sensor Array Touted for Smartphones | EE Times – could open whole new contactless ways of interacting with the smartphone

EU puts number of non-roamers at 300 million

UK mobile ops Weve loyalty into a Pouch – using iBeacon protocol

Big blues at IBM India | EE Times – part of 15,000 layoffs worldwide. If you want to know the why read Bob Cringely’s pieces on IBM

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling | Co.Create – burn these into the PR programme

Indian women adopt western clothes | WARC News – The market for western-style women’s wear could grow by as much as 50% in India, representatives from the domestic clothing industry have suggested

TV still king in UK | WARC News – The vast majority (98.5%) of British TV viewers continue to prefer watching programmes via a TV set even though the proportion using non-TV set devices increased slightly in 2013

Gee, We Meant Superfast Wireless – Bloomberg – EE brand fail, their network is pretty pants as well

Google Glass Will Be a Huge Success—Unless People Find It Creepy | MIT Technology Review – kind of the reverse of William Gibson’s quote about ‘street finding it’s own use for things

Investors are losing interest in complex tax-avoidance structures | Quartz

Diversification Key to the Future of LVMH | Euromonitor

Emerging Markets Hold the Key for Further Success in Toys and Games – Euromonitor International

Behaviour Change Strategy Cards – interesting ideas for campaigns

The New Facebook Engagement Models by The Marketing Arm – (PDF) via Digital Orange