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Infographic Snapshot: The Real Story of LGBT and Millennials | Ypulse

Japanese manufacturers focused on high performance – Deloitte Perspectives

How China is trying to get its citizens to censor themselves | Quartz – is this any different to how western governments try to interact with media to influence consumer opinion?

Meet Microsoft’s Cortana, a More Personal Siri – – no comparison with Google | Android eco-system, interesting

Jing Daily: Chinese Blogger Peter Xu Brings Us Baselworld’s Hottest China Trends – focus on fashion amongst younger consumers

China’s Unstoppable Gold-Buying ‘Aunties’ Move Onto Bitcoins | Jing Daily

Rise of the tech-savvy mother: who says their place is in the kitchen? | Techinasia – I am middle-class, hear me roar

VNG’s quest to build a mobile ecosystem for Vietnam | Techinasia

Here are 3 ways you can pay using smartphones in the Philippines | Techinasia

DATA POINTS: Adspend trends in South Korea | Campaign Asia – Ad spending in the country edged up 2.2 per cent in 2013 led by a doubling of mobile spending, according to Cheil Worldwide

BlackBerry Ends Licensing Agreement With T-Mobile – – surprised BlackBerry is cutting off its nose to spite it’s face unless T-Mobile are consumer customers and they are trying to focus on the enterprise??

Cisco, Nokia: Huawei a ‘Growing Challenge,’ Say Raymond James, UBS – no real surprise

Deloitte Report: Emerging Market Leaders Are More Confident in Their Organization’s Outlook | PR Newswire

Weibos, WeChat & Renren: how to approach social marketing in China | Econsultancy

WiFi Chip Tracks Indoor Location | EE Times

The chip in the iPhone 5s is way more powerful than it needs to be—and that’s bad news for Intel – Quartz

Wearables: one-third of consumers abandoning devices | – this seems to be an issue of design as much as technology as the form factor doesn’t match the use case

Rethinking Carbonates: Potential in Un-Soda – Euromonitor International

Consumers Want More Mobile Data, But Simply Don’t Want to Pay | Parks Associates

Office for iPad: There are no incumbents in mobile | VentureBeat – interesting comparison between the original MacWrite programme and Office for iPad

There’s a Class War Going On and the Poor Are Getting Their Butts Kicked | TIME – interesting Time has written a piece on what would be considered social democrat leanings

China PMI edges up to 50.3 | South China Morning Post – (paywall)