Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

The usual list of things that made my day this week. I have made a point of excluding Heartbleed related content just because it is so depressing. Instead I give you:

What seems to be a mix of hacking, techno-political comment and locative art; Watch Your Privacy app for Google Glass acts as a kind of  dynamic ‘dead spot’ map showing CCTV cameras and other public surveillance systems based on OpenMap data.

Bob Hoffman’s ITV Spotlight keynote at Advertising Week 2014 on The Golden Age of Bullshit which was designed to spur debate on the failed predictions of advertising experts over the past decade, with particular focus on the social media marketing of brands.

Kids React To Walkman. What was interesting about this is how the children struggled to understand the industrial design since they were so used to the pictures under glass metaphor of the modern smartphone.

At the other extreme is this video made by German watchmaker NOMOS Glashuette showing the process that goes into making one of their watches, which is I found breathtaking.

I love this film about Neal Unger, a 60 year old man who is a self-professed beginner at skateboarding. His tao of skateboarding is very interesting; where he is talking about being in the moment. It reminded me a lot of what I liked about the process of DJ’ing or scuba diving back in the day before I came to London.

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