My Blogging Process – 2014 edition

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Over the past few months I have revised the way I write my blog. My research comes from a range of diverse sources, my RSS reader Newsblur, is the prism through which I view the online world. I am signed up to some email news letters including Paul Armstrong’s Orange Concentrate, Design Taxi and Benedict Evans’ weekly email drop. I also have started to get more content from WeChat’s moments section and a few Twitter lists that I have set up. Having a cloud cut and paste function like ClipPick | Skip has proved invaluable in transferring material between my mobile devices and my Mac. There is something magical about the way Skip works.

I still start the ideation for posts in the same way I have done for a good while. Either with a mind map in a Moleskine book drawn with a Muji gel ink pen (black only – like my coffee); or freestyle from a set of links I keep in my augmented memory (aka Occasionally writers block may set in and I look to Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies for creative inspiration.

But the process of getting the posts down has changed. I do my initial draft in Noisli. Noisli is a distraction-free online text editor. It allows you to play white noise in the background, which comes in handy when I don’t have my iPod to hand.

I can then save the post down as a text file on to the computer that I am using, or cut and paste it from Noisli. I usually cut and paste the text into Hemingway. Hemingway acts like an editor recommending where to simplify copy structure to improve readability.

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