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BBC News – Why some English words are controversial in China – mirrors the handwringing in other countries like France

Foxconn focuses on social with deal to invest up to $9.6m in microblogging service Mig33 – interesting move. Mig33 is a social network that is big in Iraq and Pakistan focusing on culturally sensitive definition of fun and has struggled with the move to Android. I didn’t realise that Mig33 own Alivenotdead which is big in Chinese music circles for fan engagement

Behind The Music (Video): How Important Are Videos to Both Artists and Brands? – with just 5 seconds, product placements in music videos can create 35%+ brand lift—the same 35-60 second placements.

Infamous Hacker ‘Weev’ Went On CNBC To Explain The Fascinating Hedge Fund He’s About To Launch

How Apple crushed Google in the fall of 2015 from my book “The Future History of Technology | Two Thirds Done

Gerry Conway: The ComiXology Outrage | – pretty much how I feel about it

Why China is censoring ‘The Big Bang Theory’ but not ‘Game of Thrones’ | Quartz – most likely explanation