Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that made my week this week.

I got forwarded this video by Audi Club Spain which shows mid-1980s footage of Group B rally cars shot in slow motion which is amazing. Group B has a special place in my heart. The cars were portrayed on my bedroom wall

The Max Clifford creeping clip did the rounds over the past couple of days. One does have to ask, what was going through his head when he photobombed this shop acting like a ‘care in the community’ candidate and who leaked the clip?

Burberry have done a really good video case study of how they use WeChat to reach and engage Chinese consumers.

Tiny Hamsters Easting Tiny Burritos was a beautifully made piece of YouTube content. I am sure in time we will have a better idea about the ‘why?’

Stoffel the South African honey badger who is not only 100 percent bad ass really smart to boot