Links of the day | 在网上找到

Strategy Briefing: Mobile Cocooning: How Growing Reliance on Smart Devices is Influencing Consumer Behaviour – Euromonitor International – time to dust off my five year old post on the phenomena of cocooning 2.0

Share Of iPhone Ownership In The U.S. – Business Insider – Apple seems to have a longer usage of a given handset than other brands

Asian export growth may have decoupled from western economy | WantChinaTimes – there is also the question of how real western growth actually is…

Cab Ordering Service ‘Taxiwise’ Has Been Acquired By IKKY, a Likeminded Booking Platform – StartupsHK – it does beg the question, are taxi apps a feature of a larger logistics booking service or a wholly fledged offering in their own right?

Benjamin Netanyahu’s impassioned rant against smartphone users: ‘You are slaves to your gadgets’ | Washington Post – whilst Mr Netanyahu fails to demonstrate the pragmatism of past Israeli statesmen like Moshe Dayan; you can’t fault him on his criticism of the digital life

A Eulogy for Twitter – The Atlantic – has Twitter behaviour moved towards more like Chinese consumers on Weibo?

The Uber Wars Are Shaping Up to Be Even More Heated in Europe – The Atlantic Cities – I wonder whether this could provoke free trade concerns?

How to buy Xiaomi products & identify fake ones? (MI3, Redmi, Power bank) – MIUI General – MIUI Official Community – interesting that Xiaomi having to deal with fake smartphones. Where are the fake Huawei or ZTE handsets? Secondly Xiaomi has some interesting things in place to tell fake and real phones apart. Fake phones are a backhanded complement to the Xiaomi brand

Meet Vhoto: This new iPhone app scans your videos to find amazing still photographs – GeekWire

Yahoo’s Default = A Personalized Experience | Yahoo Global Public Policy – Yahoo! fucks over ‘Do Not Track’; screw the consumer we need the cash

Samsung attempts to preempt Apple’s Healthbook launch with a health-focused event of its own in late May | 9to5Mac – let’s hope it’s better designed and adopted than their current native phone apps

UK phones support US drone strikes | Techeye – I am really surprised that the US Department of Defense trusts a telecoms network full of Huawei gear

Japanese strategist says Obama’s power is waning in Asia | WantChinaTimes – Taiwan may not benefit much from US president Barack Obama’s rebalancing strategy in the Asia-Pacific as Obama has less than two years left in office, and that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could be a disaster.

Hacking China’s online games for profit: an interview with a Chinese hacker | Techinasia

Sony slashes profit forecast – again | RTHK – the Greek tragedy that is Sony rolls on