Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Here are just five of the things that made my day this week. I will be travelling in Ireland so service will be slower than usual until the end of next week.

Burberry have done a really nice case study about how they integrate WeChat into their customer dialogue to promote last winter’s collection.

Osaka Obachan are a group of 47 senior Japanese ladies who dance and sing pop music as a counterpoint to Japanese teenage idol groups. I could see this breaking out quite easily.

Stuntman and athlete Ronnie Shalvis, uses his parkour skills to emulate Spiderman shot around Provo in Utah.

CCTV America had this great news segment on the health of the luxury watch market and also touches on wearables.

French cosmetics company Avène tapped into the popularity of selfies amongst Chinese women. I love how they built a campaign out of a customer insight. The 360 Selfie name comes from the fact that beauty is more than being shot from one specific direction.