Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

As usual here are some of the things that made my day this week.

I spent much of the week in Ireland. I found 3UK’s ‘Feel Like Home’ roaming service of use when I could get connectivity. In general the Emerald Isle is shockingly unconnected – but more of that on a separate post. Here is a picture I took during one of the very brief dry spells that I enjoyed on my Uncle’s farm.
Next up is breakdancing buddhist monks marking the anniversary of MCA (of Beastie Boys fame); mad skills

Silicon Valley product design stalwarts produced this great presentation on designing for the Internet of Things. Of course this won’t prevent a plethora of ‘me too’ or ‘why should I care’ products but a geek can dream

Ireland still has a lot of ill-maintained but serviceable traditional sign writing, so this video on the trade of Dublin sign writers particularly appealed and resonated with me this week.

Jane Lui’s mix of found sounds and mash up for her rendition of 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover & Happy; I love when it goes all ‘music concrete’ with the typewriter and bell sounds – go and buy the track via her website.